Power Africa
 Ministry of Energy and Minerals, The United Republic of Tanzania
 World Bank
 African Development Bank
 Asian Development Bank
 Kellogg Brown & Root
 Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Republic of Madagascar
 Royal Dutch Shell
 Ministry of Finance, the United Republic of Tanzania
 BHP Billiton
 Exxon Mobil
 AIG African Infrastructure Fund
 Bank of Tanzania, The United Republic of Tanzania
 State Planning and Development Commission,
         People’s Republic of China
 Heinz Company
 Hawker Beechcraft
 Electricity of Vietnam
 Zambia Railways Limited
 Calvert New Africa and Simba Funds
 Ministry of Finance, Republic of Uganda
 Zhejiang Provincial Electric Power Company
 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Africa Investment Fund
 Ministry of Finance, Republic of Ghana
 Framlington Maghreb and West Africa Growth Fund
 Rio Tinto

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